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CacheIO Flash Cache increases the throughput of your existing SAN and lowers its latency by intelligently managing billions of data objects and their usage on DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs. Thanks to patent pending caching software, CacheIO FC1000 is the only caching appliance that drastically reduces the number of writes on SSDs and makes it feasible and more economical to use eMLCs instead of SLC.

FC1000 shares the same powerful platform with FA140 – 48x 6G SAS links and either 18x 8GFC ports or 5x 56G InfiniBand ports. With close to 800GB battery backed DRAM and 48TB SSDs, FC1000 delivers 1 million IOPS at 4KB and lowers write latency from 20 milliseconds to 2 microseconds. FC1000 cluster virtualizes two appliances into one coherent cache for twice the read cache size and write cache mirroring protection.

A number of patent pending software features distinguish FC1000 from any other cache appliance. CacheIO’s proprietary metadata layout allows FC1000 to manage up to 10 billion data objects and their usage. By greatly reducing writes to the SSDs, FC1000 drastically prolongs SSD life times and makes it feasible to use eMLC. With no RAID, adaptive SSD mgmt achieves better performance, load balancing, and fault tolerance.

FC1000 is designed to be plugged into an existing SAN to accelerate its performance without causing application downtime. There is no need to replace the existing storage, the existing switches, or the existing HBAs. With FC1000 meeting and exceeding your performance requirements, customers now have the freedom to scale their storage capacity at the lowest dollar per GB.

Data Sheet: 2RU 1 Million IOPS Flash Cache

CacheIO Flash Cache accelerates the performance of your existing SAN up to 100 times by intelligently managing billions of data objects and their usage on DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs.
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