Unprecedented Price/ Performance

Compact Powerful Platform

Collaborative Workflow

Investment Protection

As film production moves from HD to 4K/8K, single stream bit-rate is reaching 10Gbps and more. The best of class storage today can support two un-compressed 4K streams, but requires hundreds of hard disk drives, racks of equipment, and a million dollar price tag. In comparison CacheIO FA140 delivers 140Gbps bandwidth and 9x 4K streams at a quarter of the cost, one tenth of the space, and one sixth of power consumption. 

FA140 is designed from ground up to deliver the 140Gbps horse power from a compact 2RU platform. The platform is powered by the fastest and widest interconnect on the planet between application and storage – 18x 8G FibreChannel links and 48x 6G SAS links, one for each SSD device. FA140 also boasts the world’s highest SSD density at 48x SSDs in 2RU and scales storage capacity from 3TB to 48TB.

FA140 is a shared storage solution for collaborative workflow. Compared to server based DRAM or flash memory approach, FA140 enables tens of workstations to share the 140Gbps bandwidth and the 48TB capacity, all managed by leading shared file systems such as Quantum StorNext.  This share everything architecture eliminates resource silos, hot spots, and dead times, drastically increasing productivity and return on investment. 

FA140 is designed to be plugged into an existing media production environment to provide high performance processing for online content. There is no need to replace the existing file system or existing storage arrays. Files can be automatically cached on FA140, go through the collaborative workflow, and then written back to the existing near-line storage, all automated by CacheIO’s intelligent cacheing software.


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