CacheIO Qualifies Emulex 16GFC Fibre Channel Adapters for Uncompressed 4K Media Workflow

LAS VEGAS & COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Emulex Corporation (NYSE:ELX), a leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management, today announced it is working with leading storage companies in the media and entertainment industry to deliver high performance storage and caching appliances for 4K and 8K media production, post-production and streaming. CacheIO, Echostreams and Studio Network Solutions (SNS) are leveraging Emulex OneCoreTM Storage Software Development Kit (SDK), a comprehensive solution for independent hardware and software vendors (IHVs and ISVs) and system integrators to create target side drivers in a custom, high efficiency environment, for storage, flash/solid state disk (SSD) and applications that require low latency and high performance I/O connectivity. The Emulex OneCore Storage SDK offers the widest range of storage applications and comprehensive back-end support, as well as support for all Emulex I/O connectivity solutions, including Emulex LightPulse® Gen 5 (16GFC) Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and the newly announced OneConnect® OCe14000 family of Ethernet and Converged Network Adapters (CNAs).

“Emulex Gen 5 FC technology provides the high performance storage connectivity that is necessary for creating, editing, rendering and streaming next generation video formats,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development, Emulex. “Our extremely low latency and 1.2 million I/O operations per second (IOPS) combined with the high performance flash capabilities of these storage devices provide customers with an optimized solution as they move to 4K and 8K video.”

With new 4K video cameras capable of offering outputs of 4,000 pixels wide, media companies now have the ability to provide content at 4x the resolution of current high definition standards. In order to meet the high I/O, bandwidth and latency needs of the video production, post-production and streaming processes, storage companies are turning to Emulex LightPulse Gen 5 Fibre Channel (FC) technology to achieve the best performance for their customers. These include:

CacheIO (booth #SL10810): With SSD bandwidth of up to 140Gbps, and scaling up to 48TB SSD capacity, the CacheIO Flash Array is ideal for 4K/8K media production. The CacheIO FA140 Flash Array now incorporates Emulex LightPulse Gen 5 FC HBAs for optimized target connectivity for production and post-production workflow. The form factor of the LightPulse Gen 5 FC HBAs enables production workstations to access up to nine simultaneous uncompressed 4K streams form a single 2RU CacheIO array.
Echostreams (booth #SL10810): The FlacheSAN2 is a 2U high performance SSD flash storage appliance. With dense storage capacity and numerous I/O expansion slots, it is ideally suited for digital content streaming at the network edge. Emulex Gen 5 FC technology, using the Emulex OneCore SDK, provides an extremely high performance, low latency target for Echostreams.
Studio Network Solutions (SNS) (booth #SL10827): SNS EVO is a complete, networked storage server solution for video/film/TV, graphics, visual effects, animation, audio, and broadcast production environments. SNS EVO shared media storage server is a blend of simplicity and performance. By integrating a NAS and a SAN into one system, customers get the benefits of both file sharing and volume sharing. Emulex Gen 5 FC technology brings the latency and performance requirements to meet the needs of these diverse customers.
Supporting Quotes:

“As media production moves to 4K, 8K and higher frame rates, customers need affordable, large capacity solid state storage with high bandwidth and low latency,” said Bang Chang, CEO of Cache IO. “CacheIO has partnered with Emulex to deliver this capability in our FA140 for intense media applications. The Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs lead the industry with the highest IOPS and lowest latency and is a perfect complement to the high performance capabilities of the FA140.”

“Echostreams has been working with Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs and the OneCore Storage SDK to provide high performance connectivity to our customers,” said Andy Lee, director of product marketing, Echostreams. “We provide this connectivity solution both to our OEM customers, as well as through our own FlacheSAN2 product. With Emulex solutions, we are able to provide high performance content streaming up to 8 streams of uncompressed 4K content or 2 streams of uncompressed 8K content, all in densest 2RU from factor.”

“Our customers, including broadcasters, interactive gaming companies and studios require high performance,” said Ryan Stoutenborough, president, Studio Network Solutions. “Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs provide a robust connectivity solution for those customers who use FC to connect to EVO. We value the partnership with Emulex and look forward to future collaboration as customer needs continue to evolve.”

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