CacheIO is building Open Symmetrix

At CacheIO we are building Open Symmetrix. Symmetrix is this high end EMC storage that has proprietary hardware and 1TB DRAM cache and is super fast. Symmetrix is what made EMC EMC2. Problem is that other than large enterprises with deep pockets not many customers can afford Symmetrix and end up with lower end slower products. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone can build a faster storage than Symmetrix with standards based components so every customer can afford it? This is now not only possible but very realistic with the advent of new technologies such as battery backed DRAM, 1TB SSDs, and InfiniBand. All that is missing is an intelligent caching software. A software that can manage billions of data objects and their usage across DRAM, SSDs, and hard disks. A software that is aware of SSD’s write cycle limitation and reduces writes to SSDs by thousands of times. A software that introduces a new I/O paradigm to achieve greater performance out of standards based components than their specifications. A software so efficient in direct memory access and granularity locking that it can fully maximize the power of the fastest interconnect on the planet (18x 8GFC ports and 48x 6G SAS links in 2RU). A software that can deliver 140Gbps bandwidth to media applications and 1 Million IOPS to transactional databases. At CacheIO we are building and delivering this software.

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