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Streaming at 140Gbps and scaling up to 48TB SSD capacity, CacheIO Flash Array is the only viable solution for 4K/8K media production. Compared to today’s best of class storage, CacheIO FA140 provides more than four times performance at a quarter of the cost, one tenth of the space, one sixth of the power consumption, and no performance loss due to file fragmentation. CacheIO Flash Array has been successfully deployed at Hollywood film studios and tested against numerous 4K applications.

CacheIO Flash Cache accelerates the performance of your existing SAN up to 100 times by intelligently managing billions of data objects and their usage on DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs. Thanks to patent pending caching software, CacheIO FC1000 is the only caching appliance that drastically reduces the number of writes on SSDs and makes it feasible and more economical to use eMLCs. Transparent and non disruptive, FC1000 is ideal for databases, emails, VM.

CacheIO Qualifies Emulex 16GFC Fibre Channel Adapters for Uncompressed 4K Media Workflow

CacheIO, the high performance storage leader for intense media applications, today announced that it has qualified Emulex LightPulse® Gen 5 (16GFC) Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) in its all flash array designed for media workflow applications. Read More...

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